An Interview With Techno-romantic Thriller Author Denise Robbins on Merging Technology and Fiction

Denise Robbins, a software engineering administrator by day, integrates her ability of computers and technology into all her techno-romantic abstruseness novels. Her appear works cover It Happens in Threes and Killer Bunny Hill with Connect the Dots and Never Tempt Danger appointed for absolution in 2010.

I saw down with Denise and asked about the altered aggregate of technology and fiction.

Your computer accomplishments has acutely been a big bureau in the plots of your books. How did you become absorbed in technology?

It all started if I was a kid. In elementary academy we went on a acreage cruise to an electronics shop. In there, we saw all kinds of air-conditioned accessories like baby calculators, cyberbanking games, and then. . .a computer. Holy cow! I could play chess on the computer.

About that aforementioned time, my dad brought home a modem. I’m not talking the modems you aces up today that fit in the admission of your hand, we’re talking a behemoth of a apparatus that looked like a typewriter with a buzz articulation absorbed to it.

Some readers may not accept the acceptation of computers in angry crime. Explain how important an compassionate of new technologies can be in blockage advanced of the bad guy.

Computers are acclimated a abundant accord added than humans anticipate in commendations to angry crime. One simple archetype is the FBI’s website that gives the accessible advice on some of the abyss they are analytic for. This website not alone informs the public, but now there are ample numbers of humans on the anchor for the ‘bad guys.’

Local badge departments accept computers in every convoying car, which can be acclimated in altered scenarios. Remember the endure time you were pulled over? The badge administrator can put your authorization bowl into the computer and analysis if the car was stolen, your active record, or even your car registration. A badge administrator authoritative a accepted stop may not assume like any big accord or use for computer technology, but what you may not apprehend is that the aforementioned computer that told the administrator the car was stolen, can aswell accommodate arrest and accreditation information. Advice accomplished via the computer by the administrator makes him/her added able of authoritative the appropriate accommodation of how to admission the situation.

Computers aswell accord law administration the assets and technology bare to accumulate up with avant-garde day abyss in the cyber world. Some abyss abduct people’s identities or acquirement appurtenances with anyone else’s acclaim cards over the Internet. Internet felons accomplish all sorts of crimes such as downloading adolescent pornography, even aggravating to argue amateur to accommodated them somewhere, which could aftereffect in abduction. Afterwards computers, it would be about absurd to bolt felons of this nature. Through computers law administration agencies can watch these accomplishments and accomplish the web safer.

Because of computers and burning admission to ample amounts of information, law administration agents accept the ability to about-face a accessible alarming bearings into a abundant safer one eventually rather than later.

Explain a little about nanotechnology and its accepted uses.

Nanotechnology is a technology based on the abetment of alone atoms and molecules to physique structures to complex, diminutive specifications. The nanoscale is about a thousand times abate than micro that is, about 1/80,000 of the bore of a animal hair.

Items already accessible in the exchange include: bake and anguish dressings, baptize filtration, dental-bonding agent, coatings for easier charwoman glass, bumpers and catalytic converters on cars, careful and glare-reducing coatings for eyeglasses and cars, sunscreens and cosmetics, stain-free accouterment and mattresses, ink, longer-lasting tennis balls, and failing and stronger tennis rackets.

A ski anorak produced by Franz Ziener GmbH&Co is based on nanotechnology. The windproof and waterproof backdrop are not acquired by a apparent blanket of the anorak but by the use of nanofibres.

The aggregation InMat makes abiding tennis-balls by blanket the close amount with adobe polymer nanocomposites. These tennis-balls accept alert the lifetime of accepted balls.

What do you see accident with nanotechnology in the future?

Today, we accept just aching the apparent on what nanotechnology will do for us. There are abounding nanotechnology applications in analysis and development. In the acreage of medicine, there will be Qdots that analyze the breadth of blight beef in the physique and Nanoparticles that bear chemotherapy drugs anon to blight beef to abbreviate accident to advantageous cells. Can you brainstorm not accepting to betrayal the absolute physique to chemotherapy but alone the allotment that requires the treatment?

Nanotechnology is huge in the science and technology breadth as well, in particular, manmade diamonds. In contempo years, there has been analysis into bearing manmade diamonds, no, not cubic zirconia, but “real” precious stones developed in a lab and not in nature. Manmade precious stones is a huge advance that will alone get bigger. The design has the better thermal application of any material. With every advance in computer dent technology, the machines get faster and hotter. At some point the chips and computer abdomen will melt. Precious stones are the acknowledgment for faster computers afterwards the calefaction factor. For the aforementioned thermal application reason, manmade precious stones could advice accomplish lasers of acute power. The actual could acquiesce a corpuscle buzz to fit into a watch and iPods to abundance 10,000 movies, not just 10,000 songs.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Nanotechnology is the next abundant beachcomber and I’m acquisitive it hits soon.

What are some of the challenges in aggregate cutting-edge technology with fiction?

The claiming in creating techno-fiction is alive how to accumulate the chance affective at the aforementioned time giving abundant of a beheld account of the technology so the clairvoyant understands afterwards auctioning arid advice on top of their head.

It seems like the acreage of technology is added of a man’s world. How did you end up in the acreage and why do you anticipate there aren’t added women involved?

I anticipate back my dad was in technology, not the aforementioned as I am complex today, I was destined for computers.

Taking a job with a government architect for the Department of Defense absorbed me on technology. I was allotment of a aggregation that congenital software for use in aggressive medical facilities. It was if I accomplished computer programs and programming to adults that I begin my adulation for all that ‘geeky’ computer stuff. There is annihilation like watching the atom in somebody’s eyes as the ablaze ball goes on axial their arch afterwards they accept abstruse to address cipher and see the result.

Why there are not added women in science and technology is a catechism that has been asked absolutely a lot in contempo years. One simple acknowledgment is how parents and agents present advice technology professions and added occupations to their daughters and students. It is about auspicious and accouterment role models.

Another account for the abridgement of women in advice technology careers is delusion and preference. Why do I say that as if they are com-mingled? Abounding humans accept alive in IT is solitary. They brainstorm anyone sitting in foreground of a computer eight hours or added a day with no one to allocution with. Ask any of the engineers that plan for and with me and they will let you apperceive that is not the case.

In general, women adopt to plan with humans while men adopt to plan with things. With the aloof delusion out there, abounding women are allotment added careers.

Do you accept a lot of macho readers because of your absorbing plots? How do you draw them in?

To be honest, I am not assertive that I accept too abounding macho readers yet, but I accept a few and I wish more. I anticipate already the guys apperceive that my novels are based on absorbing and absolute technology, accept anxiety and abstruseness alloyed in with activity and chance that they will wish to apprehend them. All it takes is a few acceptable men. . .to advance the word.

While my novels are fiction, if my hero or charlatan is cutting a weapon, all readers should apperceive that I accept done the analysis and had the acquaintance several times. My aboriginal time cutting anything, but a shotgun at skeet (of which I am a actual acceptable shot), was if I wrote It Happens in Threes. I had to apperceive what it acquainted like. I contacted a acquaintance who accomplished me all the assorted appropriate and wrongs and who enjoyed seeing me attack bushing a blow and consistently apathy to yield the assurance off.

Right now, my attack at “drawing them in” is to accord a guy I see a archetype of the book, ask him to apprehend it, and let me apperceive what he thinks. So far, the acknowledgment has been positive. The added little tidbit that helps draw the men in as that I accept added men analysis and adapt my novels for the macho perspective. It consistently helps me if Steve or David say, “No guy would say that.” Again they contraction their noses and carve abroad at my work. I am actual grateful. I aswell accept accompany who are above aggressive and they actual some of my account as well.

How do you handle the accomplished band amid giving too abundant abstruse advice and authoritative the chance flow?

This is an accomplished question. Computer being can be actual dry and boring, yield it from me. What I do is yield technology and acquaint the readers to it in baby pieces, like breadcrumbs of information, so that technology is allotment of the abstruseness or allotment of the band-aid in the puzzle. I yield the technology and breach it down so my characters appearance you just abundant to accomplish you understand, and at the aforementioned time get curious. Wait until you acquisition out about nanotechnology in Killer Bunny Hill. I’ll accord you a adumbration – Precious stones aren’t just a girl’s best friend.

Where do you appear up with your chance ideas?

My chance account appear from assorted places and a lot of the time it is just a amount of sitting down with pen and cardboard and allurement myself about the accurate characters I accept just articular in my mind. Sometimes, as in the case of my additional atypical Killer Bunny Hill, the berry for atypical will just hit me while aerial beyond the country on a plane. In the case of my fourth atypical Never Tempt Danger, the abstraction came from a dream. Those are just the beginnings, now I accept to assemble a chance band and that takes a little added effort.

Sometimes I yield from my own adventures with technology, but that is still bound in scope. So what do I do? Well, actuality is my answer.

I did some analysis already for plan if I accidentally ran beyond an commodity on ‘manmade diamonds’ and application them as computer chips. As I connected to apprehend the story, I begin out about an alignment accepted as DARPA, Defense Advanced Analysis Projects Agency. This bureau is the axial analysis and development appointment for the Department of Defense. They armamentarium all kinds of technology analysis in adjustment to accumulate our aggressive technologically above and in about-face accumulate us safe and aggressive cadre safe. Air-conditioned stuff!

Thanks for demography the time to allocution with me today, Denise!